The Journey

I started formal boxing classes in 1977 with the local vicar, Michael Insley who taught two classes a week, one was fencing and the other was boxing. From the mid seventies I also trained in combatives as I was joining the army.

Richard Killick pictured whilst serving in The Queens Regiment.

Whilst in the army I continued to study boxing, fighting at an amateur level and obtaining a basic coaching certificate, I also continued to study combatives (then called by the Army slang term: Jap slapping).

Catch wrestling training with Marcus Trower, author of The Last Wrestler.

I was also introduced to Thai boxing by a guy I shared a room with in the army, who had trained with Master Toddy in Manchester. We had a loose group who used to train together in the gym. The group was a mixture of boxers, muay thai and judo guys and was an early form of MMA but mainly for use on the streets as part of our CQB training. I called our art KORA. This was between 1983 and 1985.

With Sifu Rick Faye in 1986

Thai knee - photo by Dr Eric Lake

When I left in 1985, I continued my thai boxing training with Master Booncum in Epsom. I was self-employed then, so I was training all the time and doing three or four classes per week. During this time I also got to train with Master Toddy and Master Sken in Muay Thai.

Hiting the tires at Bob Breen's

With the great Guro Mike Inay

With the great Guru Dan Inosanto in 1987

The awesome Sifu Larry Hartsell and Guru Terry Barnett

In 1986 I started training with Bob Breen. At that time he was teaching a mixture of Kali and kickboxing and I was also lucky enough to train under Gary Derrick, in Thai boxing, who taught at the Academy as well.

The underground training group

Around about 1986, I got a group of people together to work on thai boxing and kali and by default I became the lead coach as I have been trained as a coach in the military. We would train and fight in western and thai boxing.

With Pendekar Paul De Thouars

I had also started to train privately in a form of Pentjak Silat by this time. This class was closed door but I was invited to join because of a good deed I did to help someone and they recommended me to the teacher.

It was during this time period that I renewed my interest in close range pistol shooting. The group became a formal class of around twenty people, just by word of mouth alone.

In 1989 I started to hear about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and some guy called Rickson Gracie and by chance got to take a couple of private lessons in that from a Brown Belt under Carlson Gracie.

Training with Richard Hay

In March 1990, I took part in the first BKEA stick fighting tournament under WEKAF rules and didn't do very well. I won my first fight but by the time my second match came around I was so knackered I lost to a guy who had minimal stick experience but who was a professional aerobics instructor.

With Sifu Dave Carnell and Sifu Ted Wong

In 1993 I started to train privately with Sifu Dave Carnell in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Pentjak Silat. Dave was the UK representative for Cass Magda and The Magda Institute.

Being flattened by Guru Cass Magda

With Sifu Chris Kent at a workshop

Being pac saued by Sifu Dan Lee at a work shop

Sifu Dave was a fantastic instructor but in 1997 I suffered a back injury at work and due to that injury I had to change my carrier path and take a new job. This meant I was unable to get up to Stoke on Trent on a regular basis. During this time period I also got to train with Sifu Marc Macfan and his UFA guys here in the UK.

The full contact stick fighting group

Then in 1997, I met Doug Tucker who used to come to train at an informal sick fighting group I hosted. Doug was Guro Krishna Godhania's London representative for the Institute of Filipino Martial Arts. Richard Hay, my training partner, Doug and I hit it off straight away and every now and again he would show us something from the Warriors system of Eskrima. I attended some regular workshops which Doug hosted for Krishna in London.

Top Dog mowing me down at the Sept 98 gathering

The September 1998 Dog Brothers gathering

Stick grappling

In 1998 I went to LA to train with the Dog Brothers and fight at the September gathering with Eric Knaus AKA Top Dog. Whilst in LA, I got to train with Eric Paulson in Shooto and the Machado Brothers in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Again by chance, I got to take a one off class in vale tudo.

With Ewen Campbell, Guru Marc Denny and Jay 

In 2000 I had changed my class to a vale tudo class and kept the informal full contact sick fighting class going for two more years. I think around 2001 the vale tudo changed its name to cage fighting and then became MMA. In 2005 I retired from teaching public classes to allow time to research other arts.

More stick grappling

The full contact stick fighting group

With the great Wanderlei Silva
Ranks achieved

Combatives Instructor.

Assistant boxing coach.

Instructor Muay Thai.

Certified to teach Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Pentjak Silat.

Vale Tudo/MMA coach.

I never set out to achieve rank but often became a group leader by default, just because I had the right skill set. Over the years I have had the pleasure to train some great students and also with some great training partners and instructors.

I now teach on a close door basis both privately one to one and to my small training group. I continue on my journey of martial arts research and I am currently studying Pukulan in a closed door class as well as reinvestigating the wonderful arts I studied previously.