Thursday, 1 June 2017

BJJ Scout: Ben Askren - Folkstyle in MMA Study Part 1 (Meta Switch)

Back in the nineties and early 2000's as a Vale Tudo coach  which morphed  into NHB into MMA at some point, I realised like most smart people that being on bottom was a real pain, especially under Vale Tudo rules where people can sink in and drop head butts and knees etc.  Since being on bottom often sucked, the solution was to be on top and I along with my training partners looked at everything from judo, to Rugby League drills and wrestling.  The idea being we were going to win the upright grapple, the attempted shoot battle and land in top positions.

We then played either a tight game "hooks in" (BJJ) or a loose flowing game from wrestling with hits.  The above is a really nice video from BJJ Scout which shows that game or idea much better than I can explain.

Please watch the video on this link, so they get the hits they deserve. Also consider subscribing to their excellent channel.