Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Arts to train in 2012

So 2012 rolls in and it's time to discuss training for the coming year. This year in our small group we are going to try and train a different art each week. Not sure how this will work out but it will look something like this.

Week One: Combatives.

Week Two: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Week Three: MMA.

Week Four: Mix and weapons training.

The main goal this year is to try and get the alive drills going and continue to narrow down our tools. We are going to try the above for six months and see how it works out. For the last part of the year, we will probably pick one discipline and concentrate on that.

The great thing about being in a small, independent and non commercial group is that we can suit ourselves when deciding what to work on. Most of us just want some self protection and fitness training, combined with studying something interesting. Just a group of people who want to get off the sofa and bang.