Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Law of Fives.

Weishaupt believed in a “Law of Fives.” Seeing things as cyclical and having five expressions before reverting back to the original ‘setting’.

His cycle of five below is very interesting and mirrors a cycle of sorts we seem to be going through….Looking at it as a prophecy / prediction I see us between the end of 4 and going into 5 in the cycle.

1. Chaos, the starting point of all societies. It related, in Weishaupt’s mind, to the goddess cults of antiquity; especially to the worship of Lilith, Eris, Diana,Isis or Kali.

2 Discord, where a ruling class emerges and seizes control. Weishaupt related this period to introduction of the worship of Marduk or Osiris.

3 Confusion, where folk would attempt to restore a balance between the two preceding forces. He related this period to the child-god Loki or Horus or to a kind of devil.

4 Bureaucracy, the result of the synthesis of stage 3 failing. A spiritual void where absolutely no deity would be acknowledged. People cannot abide this void and escape into fantasy, drugs, or madness. During this phase the destruction of the middle class takes place.

5) Aftermath, where society implodes and reverts to chaos. The bureaucracy crashes under the weight of its own red tape and things spiral out of control. Magic and nature now rule again, and the cycle is in preparation to begin again.

Relating the first three to sacred geometry we can see the first three stages expressed as the 345 triangle....Isis , Osiris, Horus.

It does however maybe suggest a training program of sorts...where light and dark energies run through chapters of a play, creating a temporary stage for the players to participate in over many incarnations / life times...based around a life and death seasonal cycle of nature.

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