Sunday, 4 September 2011

Warm or loosen up for MMA or Muay Thai

OK for the last three months or so I have been trying to get back into shape and as you will see from the video above I have about half a stone in fat to lose, sadly that’s mostly around the belly. So not doing too badly lost half a stone so far but still with a few months to go.

The video we shot above is of me showing pre-class warm up or loosen up exercises that  I have done before class (MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ) since the early eighties. Over the years I have added things and taken out sections etc, so what you see is the basic exercises. I modify it for the full contact stick class or the BJJ workout. Please feel free to try it and alter it in any way you see fit, which is what I have also encouraged my students to do.

This series of exercises sits between a basic temperature warm up of nine minutes of skipping and shadow boxing or juru work or grappling solo drills. The idea is to loosen up the body from head to toe and prepare it for combative sports training.

Please remember I am not setting myself up at a fitness guru, these exercises are I just something I picked up along the way and they seem to help with being able to walk the next day. 

Have fun and stay safe.
PS the best news of all is that you can use my warm up moves on the dance floor at your firm’s next Christmas party!