Saturday, 8 January 2011

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Hallucination aka The Sackville Loop

The Sackville Loop

I have inadvertently invented something called the Sackville loop; it happened out of alive training in the clinch and went down like this.

I have been working clinch with my training partners, and during alive drilling I started to get a certain double wrap position. This was working very well for me and in post training analysis I picked up that I was pulling this move off against everyone. At first I figured it was because I was tall and have long arms, so I taught it to my sparring partners who are different heights etc. They all pulled it off in sparring and drilling as well.

Soon, I had a whole series of moves off my “invented” double arm wrap move, which I dubbed the Sackville double arm wrap clinch series. A quick look on YouTube and lots clinch DVDs, showed me that no one else seemed to be doing my move. I showed my move to a couple of people outside my group, and it worked for them as well in MMA class.

Great news, as the future of clinch will be Paul Sharp, Southnarc, and Richard Sackville. I will be elite amongst my peers.

Then on Thursday I was working clinch, and I countered my own secret move in alive clinch drilling, in a totally spontaneous way.

Great news as now I have a secret counter to my secret move. About three minutes later I was sitting on the side lines, thinking of how to teach the secret counter, by breaking it down and coming up with some alive drills (using the three I’s), when I realised that my new secret counter was at its base level, basically something every good grappler does automatically i.e. bring their elbow back to their ribs and into what most people call dinosaur or T-rex arms. All I had done on Thursday night was finally get the timing right in alive drilling, thanks to mat time...

So from “inventing” (or re finding) a new clinch move, what I had really done was invent a move which was easily countered subject to enough mat time for the timing at a basic fundamental level by every grappler we know...

I generously share this training lesson here, not so that others can avoid the same delusional state but in the hope my name can still be famous within my peers training circles here in the following way.

In memory of this occasion, I submit that from now on when someone invents a new technique that it is easy countered by the other guy doing the basic fundamentals of a delivery system, and the inventor subsequently finds that out; it’s called from this day forth the Sackville Loop.

Kind Regards and happy new year!

Richard Sackville

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