Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Working with Warriors

I picked up this great book, the Saturday before last, intending to read it post operation last Friday. I made the mistake of starting to read it on the train, on the way back from the shops and finished it three days later.

The book deals with the combative life of three people, and covers Dennis Martin’s training in Karate, then Close-quarter Combatives, as well as working on nightclub doors with Terry O’Neill and Gary Spiers. All three are well known in the martial arts and combatives world, and this book is a must read for the beginner and experienced  martial artist.

The book is also of the life journey type and despite rumours that Denis types with one finger, it's a very good read. I can see this book also being very popular with the "holiday" or casual reader, as it's very enteraining.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, packed with interviews and with a lot of real world tips, from people who really do the job.
The chapter headings are detailed here: http://www.cqbservices.com/?page_id=83

My book of the year and a very refreshing read!