Thursday, 15 January 2009

Why do you train?

Same days start like this:

and end up like this:

I loved that car as well..., however the reality for most of us is that we are not in careers that have an element of danger. Go to must martial arts classes and after the first six months of starting people are probably training for enjoyment, fitness, self improvement and in some cases the need to belong.

Most pre planned attacks are ambushes and if you are ambushed the odds are against you surviving. The ambusher is already inside your OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) and you will be playing catch up.

Most of the world does not have a fair fight attitude; it’s all about winning any way you can. Assume it will be an ambush, there will be others involved and they will bring weapons to get the job done. If you’re training for self protection I recommend you consider adding these elements into your training because it will change the way you train.

Over the next year we will be looking at how you can bring the above elements into your training, building a portfolio of skills to help you survive what I call unwanted close encounters and best of all it’s going to be free!

Home work: Sit down and think about why you are training and how likely it is that you will be attacked; you may want to log your conclusions.

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  1. Good points here.

    This quote I found is quite apt. I believe in looking at other disciplines to illuminate at your own.

    ""A good fighter pilot, like a good boxer, should have a knockout punch..... You will find one attack you prefer to all others. Work on it till you can do it to perfection... then use it whenever possible."
    - Captain Reade Tilley, USAAF 7 Victories, WW-II -"

    Fighting Frog