Wednesday, 14 January 2009

General Principles for our off road system

I have started to write down principles to underpin our training:

Be aware that you’re training for self-protection not a match fight.

Assume it’s never a fair fight i.e. there is more than one person attacking you.

Assume that there will be a weapon(s) involved.

Train the skills but throw away rules. There are no rules in a self-protection fight.

Train to get safely away from a situation as soon as possible. Don’t let your ego write cheques your body cannot cash.

Train and drill soft skills such as pre fight talk, the fence, post fight details and awareness.

Train at conversation range.

Train and drill, from your fence, i.e. don’t train from a bai jong or muay thai stance etc but from your natural fence position.

Train to hit very hard with all of the body’s natural weapons but in such a way as to not cause you damage when doing so.

Train in a safe and alive fashion.

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  1. The idea of there being no rules is good. This is really formal rules - as in sports.

    There is a case to say there are informal rules that can be modeled - such as pre-fight rituals. There are some degree of patterned behavior.

    Just a finesse. But the ritual doesn't carry formal sanctions if you disobey it.

    Fighting Frog