Sunday, 18 September 2016

Guru Alvin Guinanao and Guru Johnny Silmon joint seminar in Los Angeles 2017.

Coming in Spring 2017. Guru Alvin Guinanao, Chief Instructor of Silat Buka Lingkaran and  Guru Johnny Silmon will be conducting a joint seminar in Los Angeles, California. More details to follow, see the W.A.I page on Facebook!

Awesome, check it out my LA and surrounding areas friends. Both are excellent instructors.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Dealing with crazy martial arts people on social media

We live in a personal media age, where everyone can sit at a PC desktop and write all sorts of crazy stuff. It seems for martial arts blogs and forums this broadly breaks down into three separate sections.

  1. The writing is to educate, offer an opinion and inform in an intelligent way. This kind of post mainly talks about training ideas and avoids naming personalities.
  2. The writing is used to big up the author, which means he or she feels the need to talk down everyone else. This often means naming people and noting their perceived short comings.
  3. The writing is used to irritate people and resembles the scribbles of a five year old who is new to the play ground and who probably really just wants attention.
I hope you will agree that if you use social media to write articles you want to be in section number one above.

I have a great tip from Andy, one of my training partners for when you do find yourself reading a forum or a blog that is from section two and three above.  Basically you change a key word from say Silat to disco. So a sentence that reads I am the king of silat becomes I am the king of disco.  

This works really well and has given me a lot of laughs.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Happy 80th birthday Guro Dan Inosanto

Thanks for training and more importantly teaching and showing us the path, whilst encouraging people to teach and also investigate the arts in a loving way.

It's all about the love.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Getting Great

One training period a week for two years equals ok, well maybe ok.

Three training periods a week for two years equals good.

Six training periods a week for two years equals great.

Twelve training periods a week (twice a day with one days rest) for two years equals supernaturally super. 

Can't make class twice a day, no worries train your jurus, langkah and forms and hit things. Keep in shape and think about it.

Moving forward with my group, up until now when new people have joined the group we have gone back to the beginning and then started again. I have been thinking about this and have decided that maybe that is not the best way.

In future I will cover each subject and rotate between subjects, so those in the group longer will get more depth each time. We will keep going round and round as we spiral upwards skill wise. Practically the class will look like this, solo training, partner training and free play, then back to solo training etc. etc.